Next Orientation for Massage Therapist II


(Massage Therapist II *IS* our Basic Massage Therapy Program):

Call us at 810.767.1000 to register for an orientation or to receive more information on our programs!

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Fall Orientation:

11am or 5pm

July 15th 2016

Individual Orientations :

*Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday May 1st-July 30th 2015

**Saturday Orientations available by appointment

Come sit in on a class and see how our program is run!

Upcoming Classes:

August 9th *Morning and Evening Classes Available this semester

October 22nd **Weekend Classes Available this semester

This is a Six Month Program

**If you cannot make orientation on any of these days or times please call us to schedule an individual orientation on a separate day, we are happy to accommodate!

***Down payment of $300-$600 is due at orientation + your $100 registration fee..

Registration Fee and Down Payment Are Included in your total tuition cost.



Sports Massage and Advanced Clinical Techniques


The Sports Massage and Advanced Clinical Techniques is taught by Jacki Popadich.

Next Sports Massage class starts:

September 2016

Sports Massage and Advanced Clinical Techniques:
Students will add to the techniques cultivated in the Basic Massage class. This 16 week course includes lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and neuromuscular techniques for sports massage, in addition to orthopedic and kinesthetic assesment, structural integration and advanced anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.
One 10-hour case study will be required.




Advanced Medical Massage Therapy Class:

In order to obtain your Advanced Class Certification you must have completed a Basic Massage Therapy program, and at least be in the process of obtaining a massage therapy license through the state of Michigan.


The Next Advanced Medical Massage will be in August 2016




**Spa Procedures Program**

No pre-requisites required

This class is open to the public! Massage Therapy Certification is not required!

100 hours, class meets for 6 hours every week

Learn Body Wraps, Sugar Scrubs, Aromatherapy and more!

Register every Monday-Thursday thru February 26th


Our State Licensed Massage Therapy programs are taught by Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapists that work in the profession and are trained to guide students in each area of the massage therapy business.Classroom study is focused on hands on learning with in depth study in Musculoskeletal anatomy. Students give and receive a massage modality in each classroom session for the highest understanding of core massage techniques.


Our alumni have become some of the top licensed massage therapists in Michigan. Whether students plan to open their own business, work in a medical or chiropractic setting, or work in a salon or spa, all of our graduate's requirements and educational opportunities can be accomplished on location at Flint School of Therapeutic Massage.

If you would like a relaxing massage in a comfortable setting please call the Flint Campus to make an appointment. We offer a wide range of techniques including but not limited to, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, INIT, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Spa Procedures, Polarity, Sports Massage and much more! We have excellent Certified Massage Therapists available by appointment with flexible hours. If you give us a time and date we will find a Massage Therapist to suit your needs!

We also have students in training that need their clinical hours in order to receive their certification to become a Massage Therapist. We do not allow them to work on the public until they are fully ready and have been in class no less than 5 weeks.

Prices vary depending on the technique the client may choose. Please call for prices and appointment availability.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 9th-November 9th

August 9th-Feb 9th 2017

October 22nd-April 15th 2017











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Tuesday and Thursday:

10am, 2pm, and 5pm


Starting June 4th:

Saturdays: 9am or 4:30pm


*Student Massage Clinic Hours are
by Appointment Only


*Licensed Massage Therapists are Available 
Mon-Sat at Various Times.